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1954 Milan Game Has Been Restored

Bobby Plump shoots a free throw in this image from the remastered 1954 Milan versus Muncie Central State Championship

Rick VDW

The IHSAA Champions Network has completed a restoration of the 1954 IHSAA Basketball State Championship featuring Milan and Muncie Central. Sixty-six years after the fact, decaying images have been captured and enhanced with modern video editors. The film has been sharpened, luminance levels adjusted and image stabilized. Audio on the original tape was from an unknown radio source and was later laid over silent film. Enhancements were required to remove background noise and equalization was done to the announcers voice clarifying his call. A second version has been created with a simple scoreline added. The final product was rendered in both 720 progressive (HD) and in 4K. The network has also restored the Milan and Terre Haute Gerstmeyer game played earlier on that day.

Watch the 1954 IHSAA Basketball State Championship here:

Original 1954 State Championship video prior to being remastered.

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