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How to Watch IHSAA Games on your TV

Watch IHSAAtv Everywhere!

You can watch IHSAAtv and IHSAA events everywhere. However, the most common question is "How can I watch on my TV?"

Here's a short tutorial:

YouTube! We syndicate our games to Youtube, which can be found on most smart TVs and via the YouTube App on any Roku, Amazon Fire or Apple TV device. After you download the App, enter 'IHSAAtv' in the search box and you'll discover live, past and future games. As an aid, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page and you'll get notified every time we go live.

If you have a Roku, Amazon Fire or Apple TV, search for our dedicated IHSAAtv App. Enter 'IHSAAtv' in your devices search box, find and then download it. One big advantage over YouTube is that our App will webcast State Championships. YouTube will not.

Some older AppleTV devices do not allow you to download apps. In that case, it's required that you watch our game on your iPhone or iPad and Airplay the game from your device to the AppleTV appliance.

Is your picture fuzzy? That's because all our servers will discover a slow connection between your device and our system. We slow down the stream so you can watch without buffering. This is intentional. In fact, using our App, we will eventually remove the picture and send just the audio in very extreme cases.

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